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Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2006

Bobby Jarzombek Videos

Hey everybody!
Before we continue with bands, I'd like to present to you the eye catching skills of drummer Bobby Jarzombek. He and his brother Ron (guitarist) are most commonly known together for their work in Spastic Ink, and Bobby in particular for playing with Halford (the post-"Painkiller" band of the Judas Priest singer), as well as Painmuseum and Riot, and recording for acts like Demons & Wizards, Juggernaut and Rob Rock.
While most of his recording work does not showcase his full potential, some of his drum videos do:

First, three excerpts from his DVD "Performance & Technique"
(the guitars were co-written, and recorded by his brother Ron; pay attention to the cymbals behind his back!!!):

"Peppered Cancer"



Here's a clip of him recording "Aquanet" for the Spastic Ink album "Ink Compatible"(2004):

Check his website for more info!

I'll be back soon with another band post; enjoy the videos in the meantime!

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