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Sonntag, 3. Dezember 2006

Pagan's Mind

And again from Norway (yes, Norway seems to not only harvest Black Metal crap), another great band
that is still ignored by the international metal press too much:

Pagan's Mind

Genre: Progressive Power Metal

Formed: 2000 in Skien, Telemark (Norway)


Nils K. Rue - Vocals (also in Dimension Infinite, Eidolon)
Jørn Viggo Lofstad - Guitar (also in Jørn, Beautiful Sin)
Steinar Krokmo - Bass (also in Dimension Infinite, Trivial Act, Beautiful Sin, formerly in Dimension F3H (live))
Ronny Tegner - Keyboard (also in Arvinger)
Stian Lindaas Kristoffersen - Drums (also in Jørn, Trivial Act, Kinrick, formerly in Firewind, Dimension F3H)


Thorstein Aaby - Guitars (2000-August, 2003)


2000 - Infinity Divine(album)
2002 - Celestial Entrance(album)
2004 - Infinity Divine (Re-Release w/ 2 Bonus tracks)
2005 - Enigmatic Calling(album)

Pagans Mind was formed during summer by 2000 by Nils K. Rue (vocals), Stian Kristoffersen (drums) and Thorstein Aaby (guitar). To enable their department from rather straight 80's inspired metal to a more complex and progressive direction, they added Steinar Krokmo, a bassist who drummer Stian knew from their past joint efforts with Progressive Metal band Trivial Act, and guitar virtuoso Jorn Viggo Lofstad, who was recommended by Ronny Tegner, a friend of Steinar, eventually joining Pagan's mind full-time after the completion of the recording of the first full length, Infinity Divine.

This album, produced by legendary TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekro, was released in November 2000 on the Norwegian label Voices Of Wonder Records. While receiving good press, the label struggled with distribution, especially outside Norway.

So they signed to the German LMP (Limb Music Productions) label, in company of bands like Luca Turilli, formerly Rhapsody (now renamed to Rhapsody Of Fire), Pain of Salvation, Adagio and other more or less experimental Power Metal oriented bands from all over the world.
In January 2002, they entered the studio to record their sophomore "Celestial Entrance", which was mixed at the famous Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström.
This more elaborate effort, not only being a step forward sound-wise but also song-wise, grips the listener from the ultra-catchy Intro transiting into "Through Osiris' Eyes" featuring a brilliant hookline throughout the 2-Part-"Back To the Magic Of Childhood" until the almost 10-minute track "The Prophecy Of Pleiades" at the end.

The success of the album also provoked a desire among the fans for a re-release of "Infinity Divine", which was revised and then re-released by LMP in 2004 also featuring a rerecorded version of "Embracing Fear" and a cover version of King Diamond's "At The Graves". featuring guest musicians Gus G (Mystic Prophecy, Firewind, Ex-Dream Evil) and Glen Drover (Eidolon, Megadeth, Ex-King Diamond) making it increasingly interesting.

The band had already begun with the songwriting during the "Infinity Divine"-revision, took another year, and then chose about a third of the material they'd written to be released as their third album. Again, Fredrik Nordström worked on the brilliant sound.
In total, I'd say that "Enigmatic:Calling" is their best album to date. The band managed to compress their sound more as in excluding superfluous parts, as well as growing more "extreme"; on the one hand softer, on the other hand heavier.
I recommend Pagan's Mind to Progressive and Power Metal fans alike; the band already appeals to both audiences, which is no wonder, combining catchy songwriting and technicality that turns heads (especially the guitar work is top notch, to say the least).


Pagan's Mind's Official Website

Pagan's Mind at Myspace (go here to listen to 4 songs)

Pagan's Mind Fanclub Website

Pagan's Mind Tribute Myspace (set to private; you'll need to be a myspace member and be approved as a friend)

Media Page @ (Vids, mp3s & more)

Videos at

(For the official video clips refer to the media page above; the videos are all embedded there from youtube)

Pagan's Mind covering Kiss live with Power Quest (Rock n Roll All Night):

Awesome guitar solo by Jorn Viggo Lofstad at Bradford Rios

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Hey, decided to check this post out cause I'm listening to enigmatic:calling atm xD Such a good band, deserve more acclaim though.

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