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Dienstag, 28. November 2006


For my second post, I'll introduce you to something a little more underground:


Genre: Progressive Modern Thrash Metal

Formed: 2003 in Cagliari (Italy), still active


Giorgia Fadda - Vocals
Fabio Carta - Vocals
Henrik ‘Guf’ Rangstrup - Guitars ( also in Sinfonia, formerly in Blu Infinito)
Marco Angioni - Bass (formerly in Motivi Per Litigare, also plays guitar in KTL)
Raphael Saini - Drums (played in several Death Metal bands as the Cagliari Porn-Grind outfit Machescazo, Melodic Death band Blu Infinito (where Henrik made a studio appearance), guest drums for Avant-Garde Death metal band Misbelieving, (formerly) Abiura, (formerly) studio guest for Mutilated Soul)


2004 - self-titled Demo
2005 - The White Noise Within

The band started out in 2003 when Henrik Rangstrup, having moved to Italy 1 year prior to founding Chaoswave for personal reasons and also plays in the Danish Progressive Gothic Metal band Sinphonia, aimed at creating a sound reminiscent of Nevermore; aggressive, harsh instrumentalisation with melodic vocals.
Indeed, the band does sound somewhat like Nevermore, although more modern and aggressive.

He then gathered together Marco Angioni, who is also a guitarist for Progressive Rock band KTL, as well as a producer (i.e. the first Misbelieving E.P.), drummer Raphael Saini, who had experience from playing with several Death Metal outfits, including Misbelieving, thus being acquainted to Marco.
According to the band, the two singers Giorgia Fadda and Fabio Carta were actually a sort of lucky pick, since they weren't known for their vocal talent (yet).

The four-track demo simply entitled ‘Chaoswave’ was the first release of the band. It was released in November 2004, distributed in around 1500 copies, and was quite well received by the press, as well as attracting the attention of Dutch label DVS Records, offering them a deal not long after, so that the debut album "The White Noise Within" could be released on a larger scale in the beginning of 2006. At the moment, the band seems to be occupied with touring. Catch them if you have the chance!

In my own opinion, Chaoswave, although sounding a lot like Nevermore and also influenced by Lacuna Coil, Meshuggah and a tad of Fear Factory, they manage to create a fairly unique sound that will certainly appeal to fans of the aforementioned bands, but also to Prog fans that prefer songwriting over musical abilities; while all the instruments are played flawlessly, there's no excessive soloing and 15-minute songs. The "progressive" part rather erveals itself in the form of sometimes very experimenal sounding vocal lines, as well as odd time signatures and interesting rhythm patterns. In general, Chaoswave's music is rather focused on rhythm, which most probably invokes common references to Meshuggah.
So if you're open to a rather modern sound and out to check out something unique, give Chaoswave a try. You won't regret it!


Chaoswave's Official Website
Chaoswave at Myspace (go here to listen to 3 Songs)
Download 2 Songs of "The White Noise Within" here!

Clips at

Chaoswave at Progpower 2006 performing a song, as far as my knowledge goes, not off the "The White Noise Within" album.

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