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Sonntag, 26. November 2006


Hello everybody! Welcome to my new Progressive Metal Blog!

Since I have searched the net quite a while for a comprehensive source for Prog Metal (i.e. bands, music samples etc.) and couldn't find anything like that, I will do my best to introduce all of you to some bands I enjoy and recommend, while I encourage members of Prog Metal bands that want their band featured (or people who know a band they want featured) to contact me.
All in all, I want to create a comprehensive blog for Prog Metal fans that wish to find out about bands they'd probably like and media to check out on those bands.

By the way, when I say "progressive metal", I also include Technical/Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Power Metal, maybe also Prog Rock and Fusion. To a certain extent you can be sure to find about every style of Metal here - as long as it at least includes progressive elements.
I understand that some may not like Death Metal vocals while others don't enjoy Power metal vocals or keyboards, but i want this to be more universal than just one style of music.

So enjoy your visit and send me feedback!
The first real post will be here soon!

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